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Kitchen & Furniture Spraying

Kitchen and Furniture Spraying Service.

Completely transform your old kitchen cupboards or run down furniture for a home update that doesn’t cost the earth.

General wear and tear on your Kitchen cupboards can really make them look run down and ready for the skip after a while. But those old-looking units will most likely have years of use left in them.

Whilst a shiny new kitchen is a very exciting prospect, the cost of replacing a solid and functioning kitchen is often eye-watering. You don’t knock down the walls and replaster your house everytime it needs a lick of paint, so why would you replace tired looking kitchen cupboards with brand new ones when the answer lies in a tin of paint!

So, when the interior design magazines start calling; consider the far less costly option of giving your cupboards a facelift, rather than a full remodel.

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What our customers say
"Thank you Win-Spray, you’ve done an amazing job! The process was totally straightforward, and the outcome is far better than I ever imagined."
by Gabriel H
"I can’t believe what I almost spent on replacement doors and windows before I considered this option!"
by Mollie G
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