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Metal Window & Door Spraying

Metal door and window frame spraying service.

Blistered paint, scratches and dents, not to mention years of built up dust and dirt do not make for an enticing finish on Metal doors and window frames.

But that old-looking Metal most likely has years of life left in it. In fact, assuming you don’t back your car into it, you’ve got 20-30 years of use from a metal garage door.

So, replacing it when it starts to look old and tired isn’t a good move from an expense or environmental perspective - because all it really needs is a make-over.

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What our customers say
"Thank you Win-Spray, you’ve done an amazing job! The process was totally straightforward, and the outcome is far better than I ever imagined."
by Gabriel H
"I can’t believe what I almost spent on replacement doors and windows before I considered this option!"
by Mollie G
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