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Can you spray uPVC Doors and windows?

Absolutely! uPVC doors and window frames are great for their longevity and safety features, but they can really date the look of your house. We can change them to any colour you like, for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

How much does it cost to spray doors and windows?

We provide a quote based on the number of frames you’d like painted, and what type of paint finish you select. You’ll get this no-obligation quote after we’ve visited your property to assess your requirements.

Can you colour match windows to a new door?

Armed with our colour swatch books, we can chat through your options to match up your old window frames with a new front door. If the match won’t be close enough, a contrasting colour works great!

Can my garage door be sprayed a matching colour to my door and window frames?

We spray Garage doors, too. So you can have the ‘like new’ overhaul on your entire house. A matching set looks great, but you could also consider a contrasting colour for your garage door, to really make an impact.

Can you spray wooden doors and window frames?

Yes, our paints adhere to wooden doors and window frames and create an outstanding and long lasting finish. It will actually increase the life of your doors and window frames by adding a fresh layer of protection from the weather!

Can I spray my windows and doors myself?

Hey, we’re not the boss of you. But, if you want a paint job that’s prepped to perfection, and finished to a high specification, then it’s time to bring in the experts. Our experience ensures that not only does the finish look great, but it lasts too.

What colours are available to spray my doors and windows?

You can choose from several top paint brands whom we’ve partnered up with to find the perfect colour and finish for your look. Alternatively, we also source standard colours such as RAL or BS colour charts so you can match your colour perfectly to existing paint jobs.

What happens to the handles and letterbox when you spray the door?

We can work around anything you want to keep. BUT we also supply new fittings to really achieve that ‘new door’ look without the ‘new door’ price.

Can metal doors be resprayed?

Sure! Overhaul that tired metal door with a fresh new paint job, with standardised colours to choose from, we can match it to your window frames, too. Contemplate the ample resources that went it to making your heavy metal door and you will consider giving it a new lease of life.

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